The Spirit of the Heroes Through the Youth

In Indonesia, the 10th of November has always been remembered by the people of our nation as the hero’s day, a day where heroes that contributed to the independency of our country will be remembered and respected.

If back then, our heroes traded their life for the Independency of this country, nowadays youth have the responsibility to maintain that independency.

We are no longer colonialized physically, but mentally. For years, neo-colonialism has been developing in our nation, infiltration of foreign cultures had made this nation’s original identity fading.

As a youth of this country, it must be our duty to maintain our country’s original identity by preserving our socio-cultural diversities and limit our self from the exposure of international culture that might made being diffidence of our diversities

It is proven, Elyon Christian School have shown their support of preserving Indonesia’s socio-cultural diversities by holding “Bulan Bahasa”, in which each class are assigned to represent a province of Indonesia for them to expose the fashions, culinary and cultures of the province.

Robin/ G11A ( Elyon Student Council President 2022/2023)

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