My Christmas Story

My Christmas Story | by Jeanette Soewargo | 9D

      Christmas is an annual sacred Christian holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Many people celebrate Christmas in Surabaya. My family and I celebrate Christmas too. 
    When Christmas comes, we are so happy because we are reminded that  Jesus Christ was born. First, my family and I will go to church to celebrate it. We celebrate it by having a candle night, getting some snacks from the church and we exchange gifts with our cell group in church. At that time I remembered that I got a bottle and a letter. The letter said Merry Christmas and happy holidays, hope you enjoy the present.  After my family and I celebrated in the church, I celebrated with a big family at my house. We ate together, talked to each other, played some games and we decorated the Christmas tree. The game is where we played Jenga together and played cards. In addition, we also played some musical instruments that we can and we did a collaboration. The song that we made a collaboration with the instrument is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Decorating the Christmas tree is the most challenging part and the most fun part Because we need to work together well and share ideas on how to decorate the Christmas tree well. It was so fun because we could get more quality time together with family and we could play our favorite songs. We enjoyed Christmas and we wish that we can celebrate every year. 

                          Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. May God bless us.

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